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  • Early Identification

    Identifying and treating potentially disabling conditions before they cause irreparable damage

  • Accessible Surgery

    Making surgery accessible for people who need operations to restore their hearing or mobility, or to repair cleft lip and birth injuries

ENT Training

Apart from the ENT Screening at the target areas, Doctor SL Karna, Head of audiometry unit from IMPACT Nepal, has trained IC staffs on at IMPACT-Cambodia office for 10 days.
IC has made another remarkable move in audiogram unit. We could see that the number of patients who came to do audiogram test has increased and has made people know more about what IC is up to. Patients keeps coming to us from different part of the country and from very remoted areas.
Patients from far away like Pailin province or Koh Kong Province (bordering with Thailand), came to receive audiogram test and resulted that they would need hearing aids.
With the confirmation from the trainer, Mr SL Karna, on the skill of the trained three IC staff two NGOs: CCAMH, and ALL EARS referred five patients (all children) IC. In cooperation with All Ear Cambodia, 10 patients who …

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