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  • Early Identification

    Identifying and treating potentially disabling conditions before they cause irreparable damage

  • Accessible Surgery

    Making surgery accessible for people who need operations to restore their hearing or mobility, or to repair cleft lip and birth injuries

Our Commitment to Support Phnom Dei Health Center

As part of IMPACT Cambodia’s grassroots scheme, a support to Phnom Dei Health Center was committed early 2018. Phnom Dei Health Center was constructed in 1997. The main issues of the center is lack of space, and quality delivery equipment.  At present, there is only one small room for delivery and post-partum and one delivery bed. When there is two to three in labour, there is simply no space to be cared for.
IMPACT Cambodia’s supports are underway. The health center will be provided with an additional birthing place which is small building of extension of about 6m by 8m which would house a room for labouring and delivery. The existing room will be redecorated and used exclusively for post natal care so that women have a calm and private space to recuperate with their babies after they have given birth. A full complement of upgraded medical delivery equipment will also be provided.
Our support …