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  • Early Identification

    Identifying and treating potentially disabling conditions before they cause irreparable damage

  • Accessible Surgery

    Making surgery accessible for people who need operations to restore their hearing or mobility, or to repair cleft lip and birth injuries

Kor Earb is a mother of twin boys. She is 24 years old and she lives in Pongror Village, Namtao Commune, Phnom Srok District, Banteay Meanchey Province. Earb was registered as a member of the program in November 2016. Earb has attended all the health education class that IC conducted. She had regular prenatal checkup at Namtao health center and followed what IC midwife has educated her. Through the regular prenatal checkup, she was told that she was pregnant with twins and she needed to have the delivery at the provincial hospital.
In May 2017, Earb was in labor ad she went to Siem Reap Hospital as she was in labor as she was told by the midwife at Namtao Health Center. She stayed at the hospital for a week until she gave birth to the premature twin boys through cesarean. The babies were born one month before the due date. …

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