Our mission

IMPACT Cambodia is a non-profit organisation on a mission to prevent needless disability in Cambodia.

What is our goal in the long run?

Officially created on November 28, 2007 with its registration with the Ministry of Interior. The vision of IMPACT Cambodia is To Act Today to Prevent Disability Tomorrow so that no one in Cambodia becomes disabled through disease, lack of knowledge or lack of medical services.

As its strategy, the organization addresses the root cause of the problems, investigates and makes known the causes, the extent, and the consequences of disability and promotes, supports and engages in various actions to prevent, reduce or remedy the causes of disability. With competent partners who are government line ministries and departments, IMPACT Cambodia works to advance the development of scientific and professional disciplines concerned with the prevention or treatment of disabling conditions and to promote research and multidisciplinary cooperation to make disability avoidable.

How it works?

To reach its objective and goal, IMPACT Cambodia executes most of its project through the implementing partners: Chey Chumneas referral hospital, for E.N.T care and operations, ALL EAR Cambodia, for Otology and Ear Surgery Training Program, Phreah Ang Duong Hospital for training on Otology technique using ENT microscope.

Giving high priority to meet the needs of the vulnerable groups, IMPACT Cambodia’s activities have been and will be implemented throughout different relevant outreach programs, in particular the prevention program, along with the care and treatment to be conducted at the hospital. Capacity building is the main strategy adopted and will be carried out at all levels; from Ministry institution, its line department, professional and non-professional, schools and community members.

A number of awareness raising programs on holistic development of children (up to 7), and prevention of needless disability among adults have been and will be conducted while a value based approach at school was introduced through Child – friendly-village, and child friendly school.

The very low rate of access to medical care and treatment by people living with disability shows that the right to health care of the Cambodian people as a whole, and of the people with disability, in particular is far beyond their reach. Encouraged by the results from the past projects, IMPACT Cambodia will precede further with advocacy on the prevention of needless disability among public and policy makers.